Virginia Property Management Group

Join Our Vendor Network

Partnering for Quality, Fairness, and Responsiveness

If you are a dedicated vendor passionate about your work and committed to exceptional customer service, we invite you to connect with us!

Our vendor network is a diverse community, comprising vendors of all scales, specializing in a wide array of maintenance and repair services. We collaborate with both well-established national vendors and smaller, family-owned businesses.

To become a part of our vendor network, we evaluate the following criteria for each prospective vendor:

Work Excellence

We exclusively partner with vendors who consistently deliver top-notch work and exhibit outstanding craftsmanship in their respective fields.

Competitive Pricing

We seek vendors who offer pricing that is not only competitive but also fair and transparent, ensuring our clients receive the best value.

Timely Responsiveness

To provide our tenants with swift service, we require vendors to respond within 24 business hours for non-emergency issues and immediately for emergency repairs.

Licensing & Insurance

All vendors must provide evidence of insurance coverage (including workers' compensation and liability insurance) and meet any industry-specific licensing requirements.

Application Form

If you’re interested in joining our vendor network, please complete the application form, and we will be in touch with you shortly!